[PHOTOS/TRANS] Seungri's Diary on Josei Seven Magazine "Volume 3 & 4"! (120826)

| Sunday, August 26
>Part 3:~
I went to China for the first time in life for our World Tour (Alive Galaxy Tour 2012)! What surprised me was, Chinese fans sang along with us in Korean. Wherever we go all over the world, fans are always passionate. Because of fans’ enthusiasm was so great, other than going to the concert venue, we only stayed in the hotel all the time (bitter smile) 

After the concert, we were strictly guided to go back to our dressing room. As for me, it was my reunion with all members after quite awhile, but everyone said to me, ”Why are you gaining weight like that?”. They scolded me (cry). If you read from my previous update. I think you will know that I went to local districts and I ate a lot of foods. So, it can’t be help… Fine then, I’ll drink more Oolong tea! 

Before I started my activities in Japan, this one member was really worried about me but then, I heard nothing at all from him. It just, for ‘Sakigake Music Ranking~EIGHT’ show GD-san commented on my way of talking, he said, “It was fun”. I think maybe that was the first time he praised me this year! (laugh) 

Yes! Yes! Recently, I was praised because of doing hat-trick during a futsal game. Other members are not interested in sports but I love football. My uniform number is 7, the same with Real Madrid team’s player Cristiano Ronaldo, whom I adore. 

The reason why I like him, of course because he’s really good with playing football, not only that he’s skillful, also because of his technical performance… and he always dates pretty women who looks like a goddess. (laugh)

Part 4: Dalmatian Couple

>Part 4:~
Dalmatian couple: The dalmatian couple is from Meyer’s (famous German brand). I bought it in Aoyoma’s

ROOKIES dolls: I put these ROOKIES (from the TV drama) dolls in the living room since I think Ichihara Hayato is really cool. When the fans knew, they gave me this as a gift.

DJ Box: I also put a DJ Box (on my desk). I play with it when I’m lonely.

Everyday has been so hot. As promised the first week’s issue, I will introduce my room in Tokyo!

I’ll use one phrase to describe it and it’s “Tokyo Style”, basically it’s simple and cool. In light of this point and because I don’t want to feel lonely when I go back home, so I put many animals here….like a zoo! Well it’s not really a zoo…since the animals aren’t real. I can’t own a pet because I’ll be too busy to take care of it due to my work schedules. That’s why I used these fake ones as decorations instead.

Firstly, on the top left are the Dalmatian dog couple. I made them look like they’re kissing each other and they’re next to my TV. Cute right? There’s another realistic looking dog that I brought over from Korea, the one I hand carried on the plane. He lives in the washroom. That way my washroom won’t be lonely either! (laughs)

Since we’re on this subject, the theme for my washroom is “my girlfriend’s home”. It’s like ‘going over to my girlfriend’s house to play’, that kind of feeling. It’s very girly inside - from the smell to the atmosphere. I put a string of handmade roses in front of the sink so it could look romantic because I love roses.

Oh yeah, the toilet in the washroom is so cool! When you stand in front of it, the toilet seat will automatically rise up with a “yongggg” sound. Well no doubt since we’re in Tokyo, so high tech~It totally shocked me! For the table, I also put roses and candles on it. Romantic~there’s also a little DJ Box.

The shower area is the space for the birds because I put a lot of duck models inside. I made it so it’s really lively!

Well that’s about it….the space & image that I created is my room!

Oh you want to come and play? Well…since you looked after me today…but…(sweatdrop)

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