[TRANS] Seungri's Diary Update: Part-time Job for a day! (120819)

| Monday, August 20

Seung-chan's Diary (120819)
Part-time job for a day

Today I did a part-time job at Sushi restaurant in Tochigi prefecture for a show recording. Usually, I like to eat sushi and through this I experienced how's the sushi restaurant is working directly.

I touched the fishes and brought it down. All of it, I did it for the first time in life, so I tried my best not to disturb others.
Next, I became the worker there by taking orders from the customers, serving the drinks and did other works. Lastly I also did dish-washing!

After that, I ate curry cooked by the uncle from the restaurant and it was so delicious!
After working so hard, as expected the foods that we eat become really delicious right? ^_^
Today, I experienced many good things!! 

I have announcement here! I'll be on Fuji TV's Waratte litomo tomorrow! It's my first appearance alone! Everyone please watch it tomorrow!! I'll work hard!!

* Seungri with Sugi-chan on Waratte litomo

Our maknae Seungri is so hardworking! Hwaiting! Stay with us for more updates!^^

Source: Bigbang's Japanese mobile site
trans by marthapido
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