[TRANS] Seungri's Diary Update: The Power of Misokatsu ! (120829)

| Thursday, August 30

Seungri's Diary Update (120829)
The Power of Misokatsu

Today, I was at Nagoya. It's been a while! ^^

I went recording for 5 radio stations. I had some extra time before the next recording so I went to eat misokatsu! Misokatsu in Nagoya is delicious indeed! It was so good... With the power I gained from misokatsu, let's work hard!!
Today, I also did a recording Zakiroba, a famous show in Nagoya! Because of Yamazaki-san roba, Akiyama-san, Yamamoto-san, and Baba-san's popularity, even my staff got excited. Actually they are really their fans!
They said to me, "Seung-chan, today's recording is really fun~.... usually, it's so boring..."
Anyway! I has a lot of fun too. ^_^ 
For today's recording, I suddenly came up with a joke using my instincts... It's really going to be funny. You better watch it when it airs!^^
Anyways, now I'm heading back to Tokyo via a shinkansen (bullet train) and I accidentally bumped into Hisamoto Masami-san! He just finished his regular show recording in Osaka and was taking the shinkansen back to Tokyo too. I rode the train at Nagoya though. This is really such a coincidence!
(T/N: I think he meant that the train from Osaka stopped at Nagoya on the way to Tokyo.)
He greeted me "Seung-chan!!! How are you!??" wow ^_^ He remembers "Seung-chan" (^-^)/ I'm so happy. Everyday is just so fun!
Lastly, a bonus picture of me and my manager wearing facial masks in the shinkansen!

This is really funny. I worked hard today too! Bye Bye!

Seungri hwaiting! Stay with us for more updates!^^
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