[TRANS] Seungri's Diary Update: Seung-chan, RUN! (120816)

| Friday, August 17

Today, I'd like to talk about Fuji TV's Run For Money broadcasts on 8/28 that I went for recording recently. 
The hunters in the show... were really scary! I might have nightmare of their cold expression..
oh no the grand prize is 1,080,000 yen! wow! but it wasn't easy!

In the middle of Ume-chan from AKB48 joined me as pair. It was rare to see BIGBANG and AKB48 doing collaboration! By the way, these days I've met AKB in shows alot, but they never show their exhausted expression, but always showing smiles. Now I know why AKB48 is loved....Their members' ages are about the same as mine, they became my friends. Their faces are pretty and their hearts too ^_^
I'll keep on supporting them! 

Until this time, I really have met a lot of people in shows!!
And in just 1 month! This is great!

Lastly, please look forward to SSTV Seung-chan's Complete Declaration of Victory tonight at 10pm!!

Stay with us for more updates!^^
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