[PHOTOS/VIDEO] Big Bang on FujiTV's "Sakigake! Music Ranking Eight" 'SUBBED'! (121017)

| Sunday, October 21

Read also Seungri's Diary below:
Today, all members of Big Bang worked together! The energy was great! It’s definitely because everyone was in high spirits!
As expected, even in the dressing room (or waiting room), it was like a Big Bang talk show. wwwwww* Everyone was so noisy! wwwwww We talked about a lot of things! It was fun. wwwwww

They came to Sakigake Ongaku Banzuke as guests (^-^)/ It was funny! Do you want to know why it was so funny? This is really going to be like a BIGBANG special episode. Please look forward to it ok. ^_^

Aside from that, our first appearance on Pikaru no Teiri! Ayabe-san and Taigo-san, thank you very much!

We did many funny things! The show will air on 10/10. Please look forward to it!

But, the are still some other things to do… Tomorrow! It’s A-Nation! It’s going to be fun!

Good night! (^-^)/

*wwwwww = ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ = lol

Stay tuned for more updates^o^

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Trans by 04014rurutic@twitter//@Fuji TV
Video cr BANGxViP@YT trans by @ReinaSuetsugu 
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