[TRANS] Seungri's Diary Update: Sugi-chan and Seung-chan's Trip! (120814)

| Wednesday, August 15

Seung-chan's Diary
Sugi-chan and Seungchan's trip
^__^ Sugi-chan is the no. 1 popular comedian in Japan now! Usually, our picture taken together can’t be seen in any variety shows in Japan but for this shooting, it was a bit different~

Sugi-chan got so many works since that morning, and he looked a bit tired^^ He shouted my name, “Seung-chan!” with a loud voice and welcomed me warmly. We rented a car and heading somewhere while talking about various things.

And then Sugi-chan told me he was scared because of his sudden popularity. He started at the age of 21, during the 17th year of his life as a comedian he finally received his popularity and he’s happy about it but at the same he’s scared.

The moment might come someday when my presence will disappear from all of your hearts.

Sugi-chan and I both shouted “BIGBANG is forever!” After that Sugi-chan prepared grilled meat for me. Meanwhile, I made a Korean dish, doenjang jjigae (fermented soybean paste stew) and he said it was delicious!

Then, a visitor suddenly came, so who was that person? Let’s meet during the on air^^

Stay with us for more updates!^^
Source: cr photo @weibo// Trans by Marthapido@tumblr
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