[TWITTER] G-Dragon's Twitter Updates! (120817)

| Friday, August 17

yo look after your passport! Safety first! Enjoy yourself eating sushi! Ah my birthday is coming soon so come come  with gift! That's only we can be together forever!!

G-Dragon replied to Taeyang's tweet and asked him to look after his passport as Seungri and Daesung lost their passports not long ago! and he's asking for gift! Aww how cute he is. You can see the post for Taeyang's tweets today from here.  Stay with us for more updates!
GD x Dok 2, Gonzo x Taeyang
@notoriousgonzo: @IBGDRGN @Realtaeyang huh rhymes...ㅋㅋ (k k)
@IBGDRGN : @notoriousgonzon @Realtaeyang Hyung is rhyme-bomber

*NOTE.  It's rhymes because every end of the sentence, GD put kwon-beon- geon-come-won (in Korean).

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