[TWITTER] Taeyang's Twitter Updates! (120830)

| Thursday, August 30

[TRANS] @Realtaeyang: If there is anyone who looks like her..please introduce her to me.." 
[TRANS] @minakwon I'll hang it in my room.. :) (he means the picture)
[TRANS] I should have taken longer hours..hoo.. ( it means he should have trolled us longer)
[TRANS] Indeed.. You guys love me a lot.. I felt it once again today.. Love ya'll!! kk
[TRANS] Whoa. Now that I look at it, it's a couple shirt with me..! ke
 OMG! Taeyang has a girlfriend?! LOL! His girlfriend is so pretty! XD Any VIP who looks like her? please tweet to Taeyang! LOL!Stay with us for more updates!!

Source: Realtaeyang@twitter//
Trans by LueKim//big_seunghyun@twitter
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