[NEWS] CEO Yang Hyun Suk compares G-Dragon's music to Chinese food! (120917)

| Monday, September 17

Having made his first solo album comeback in three years with the release of ‘One of a Kind‘, G-Dragon is currently making an all-kill on the digital charts with his title track, "Crayon", as of September 16th.

When asked by reporters to compare G-Dragon’s music to a dish, CEO Yang Hyun Suk in an interview with OSEN replied, “G-Dragon’s music, put simply, is like jjam-jja-myun (combination of black noodles and jjamppong, a Chinese-style noodle dish with vegetables and seafood).” [The two dishes are some of the most popular take-out Chinese food in South Korea. The word 'jjamjjamyun' is a portmanteau of'jjajangmyun' and 'jjamppong'.]
He stated, “For the past 15 years, I’ve been a DJ at a club. Even now, at least once or twice a month, I always turn music on so I know about the pop music trends of the world. G-Dragon’s music is music that you can’t find anywhere in the world. ‘Crayon’ is very provocative and experimental. Because electronica is becoming a global trend, hip hop is also following in the mix. Normally, artists will use electronic beats and rap on top of that. G-Dragon, however, didn’t mix it as a crossover, but rather used electronica as the base one of one verse and hip hop as the base of the second.”

Then what is the difference between mixing hip hop and electronica and separating hip hop and electronica in the same song?
He replied, “Because of the speed of the song, it’s really difficult to differentiate the two in one song together. I believe that I’ve never seen this done before in the international market.”

Thus is the reason why he chose the ‘jjam-jja-myun’ dish as a comparison to G-Dragon’s music. The dish takes one bowl and splits it in half so one can eat both the ‘jjajangmyun (black noodles)’ and ‘jjamppong (Chinese-style noodles)’ in the same dish – getting the best of both worlds.
He's really awesome!^o^

Source: OSEN via naver//Akp
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