[NEWS] G-Dragon's “That XX” sweeps top rankings of major music chart! (120903)

| Monday, September 3
Big Bang’s G-Dragon topped rankings of online music charts with his latest single that is rated R, proving his musical potential.

His song “That XX” was released on September 1 and instantly ranked at the top of various music charts including Melon. It is rare to find an R-rated song on no.1 position of music charts with its release.

G-Dragon achieves a "perfect all-kill" on music charts for his new song "That XX".
  • A Regular All-Kill is when a song achieves #1 daily ranking on the 8 major digital music sites: Soribada, Dosirak, Melon, Mnet, Naver, Daum, Cyworld, Bugs and Monkey3. Perfect All-Kill includes streaming status (i.e. mobile ringtones and caller ringtones) proving the success and popularity of the song further.
Also, it is first time for a song restricted from minors to sweep all the top rankings of charts since online music charts were created. Last year, Leessang’s “Turn Off the TV” ranked at the top, but if you consider that it was banned from audience under 19 after a thorough review, it is certainly the first time for a “voluntary” rate R song to place at the top ranking.

This phenomenon also supports the idea that fans of Big Bang and G-Dragon are not concentrated in the age group of teenagers. He must have a number of fans in their twenties and thirties.

Previously, YG Entertainment said that it will voluntarily tag the song rate R and request all online music service companies to do the same thing in consideration of the lyrics. For the music video, they chose a different method of promoting it by deleting controversial lyrics.

Thus, there are no restrictions for teenage fans to watch the video which was revealed with the track. It was YG’s intention to let as many people as they could to watch the music video of “That XX.”

Three years after 2009, G-Dragon came back as a soloist. Prior to the release of current song, he revealed the intro track “One of a Kind” and earned positive feedbacks with his unique style of hip-hop music.

The leading female character of his music video is Kim Jenny, a member of YG’s new girl group, which also became another attracting point of the video.

For fans outside Korea, That XX is now available on iTunes. 

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