[NEWS] G-Dragon on "Yoo In Na’s Volume Up"! (120920)

| Thursday, September 20

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon selected T.O.P as the member whom he has the least contact with. 

G-Dragon made his first domestic radio show appearance as a solo artist since 2009 on the September 19th radio broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Yoo In Na’s Volume Up‘. 

When asked which member of Big Bang he least stays in contact with, G-Dragon selected T.O.P and revealed, “The other members are young so they frequently contact me, but T.O.P doesn’t do that.” 

He then went on to explain, “T.O.P is usually like that. If the members are texting and open up a chat room, he doesn’t really join in on the conversation. But he says he doesn’t realize this.” 

Big Bang G-Dragon usually dates one person for a long time!


Although he may write about love songs all the time, Big Bang’s G-Dragon admits that he doesn’t have a lot of dating experience. 

On September 19, he appeared as a guest on KBS’ radio show Yoo In Na’s Raise the Volume, where he talked about his new solo album and also about his relationships. 

During the show, G-Dragon talked about how people have this image that G-Dragon dates a lot but he denied the rumors and said, “I actually don’t have a lot of dating experience. I usually date one person for a really long time.”

G-Dragon: "That sexy body in 'Crayon' MV is not mine!"

One of the many surprising things that happened in the music video for Crayon was when a woman with beautiful curves turned around to be revealed as Big Bang’s G-Dragon. 

Unfortunately for the people who actually believed G-Dragon’s body was that voluminous, G-Dragon revealed that it wasn’t him. 

He appeared on KBS’ radio program, Yoo In Na’s Raise the Volume on September 19,where he talked about his first solo album in three years. 

With ‘G-Dragon Dressed Up as a Woman’ being a hot topic since Crayon’s release, Yoo In Na had to ask about it, to which G-Dragon replied, “Truthfully, that’s not me in the music video. It’s only my face when I turn around.” 

He added, laughing, “My body isn’t like that.”  

 G-Dragon reveals how he relieves stress!

On the 19th, G-Dragon made a comeback to the radio scene after one and a half years through ‘Yoo In Na’s Volume Up‘, where he told listeners how he relieves stress. 

G-Dragon shared, “I don’t express my feelings often, but when I’m at my lowest, I think my family gives me the most strength. As well as my [Big Bang] members. I think the people who are close to me give me strength. If I’m going through a rough time, I cry alone sometimes,” crediting his friends and family as his support system. 

He continued, “At one point, I began to realize that dwelling on my stress for a long time is not healthy for me. That is why I try to think positively.” 

After listening to G-Dragon's answer, Yoo In Na prompted him to advise his fans and listeners on what to do when they are stressed up, to which G-Dragon replied "Just look at me"!
Do you all think it works looking at Jiyong oppa when you are stressed up? Also it's not new news that TOP oppa rarely replies to the boys' messages :D In fact the boys have previously mentioned this on Healing Camp!

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