[NEWS] G-Dragon receives attention for his womanly curves in “Crayon” MV! (120918)

| Tuesday, September 18
Big Bang‘s G-Dragon recently unveiled the MV for his latest single, “Crayon“, and he made quite a statement for his solo comeback with his shocking transformation into a woman for one of the scenes.

In the “Crayon” MV, G-Dragon is seen watching the curvaceous figure of a beautiful woman on TV only to be revealed that the woman was G-Dragon himself. G-Dragon is hilariously caught flaunting his curves while wearing a skin-tight black mini dress, kill heels, and a long blonde haired wig. The rapper then dropped the one-liner, “Why so serious?”, reminding people to not take things so seriously and have fun.
Fans who saw this commented, “He has a better figure than most women” and “The way he dances and dresses like a woman so well was shocking.”

G-Dragon made a strong comeback with his latest solo album entitled, ‘One of A Kind‘, and 
'has dominated the charts.'

Did the scene shock you as well? Check out the video below:~
Kinda funny thou...keke~^^

Source : nate//osen + Akp


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