[NEWS] G-Dragon's "One of a Kind" MV Reaches Over 10 Million Views! (120903)

| Monday, September 3

G-Dragon's music video of "One of a Kind" has been released on September 24 and has received over 10 million views already on YouTube.

Also, G-Dragon's music video for "That XX", which was released September 1, received over 3.3 million views only 2 days after the date of its release. G-Dragon's power in the music industry is clearly exemplified by the number of views his music videos received from people located all over the globe.

G-Dragon is following the footsteps of Psy, who all-killed almost every single music chart in Korea. G-Dragon's "That XX" all-killed various music charts, including music sites like Melon and Mnet, as soon as it was released. G-Dragon's "That XX" is maintaining its place in the number 1 spot and continues to gain popularity.

The fact that G-Dragon is maintaining his number 1 spot in the music charts is even more meaningful and special because it is very unusual for a song that has adult content to even rise to the number 1 spot to begin with. However, regardless of the adult content in G-Dragon's new song "That XX", he is maintaining his place at the top.

One of the reasons why G-Dragon is expected to remain in the top is because of the fact that neither "One of a Kind" nor "That XX" is the title song for his solo album. G-Dragon's title song is expected to be a bigger hit and the anticipation for the rest of his album has reached a whole new level after he released the two songs.

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OMG!!! This is so cool! VIP's really got One of a Kind! xD Stay with us for more updates!^^

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