[NEWS] Leaders Big Bang's G-Dragon and 2AM's Jo Kwon exchange awkward conversation on Twitter! (120915)

| Saturday, September 15

Big Bang G-Dragon’s One of a Kind release on September 15 caused many celebrities to send their congratulations towards the younger singer, and among that group was 2AM’s Jo Kwon. 

On September 15, Jo Kwon tweeted to G-Dragon, praising the new release album and giving his support to G-Dragon. The conversation between the two group leaders, who each had their solo careers this year, are as followed.

@2AMkwon: Hello :-) Your music and style in this album is very great ^^ Fighting on your promotions

@IBGDRGN: Thank you, Mr. Kwon! This is a bit awkward…Fighting. lol.

@2AMkwon: Yes!! This is a bit…awkward…haha. I listened to your album before going to sleep. It’s seriously the best, hyung! Let’s get closer~ :-) lol.

@IBGDRGN: Yes. Thank you and if the opportunity allows us, I’ll give you a CD. Let’s see each other once~!

@2AMkwon: Yes~!! I will also bring out my album. Keke. I’ll see you then. :-)

Throughout the entire conversation, the two singers spoke formal Korean to each other. Meanwhile, all six tracks in G-Dragon’s new album One of a Kind entered the top 10 charts of several music sites.

It's nice to see that the two leaders are so supportive of one another! Hope that the two would be able to get closer to one another soon :D
Source: @IBGDRGN @2AMkwon via enewsworld 
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