[NEWS] Seungri caught acting like lovers with Anna Kubo by paparazzi in Hong Kong + YG's official statement! (120918)

| Tuesday, September 18

Big Bang's Seungri (23 Korean age) has been captured canoodling with Japanese model and actress Anna Kubo (27 Korean age) in Hong Kong barely one week after his previous controversy.

On September 18, paparazzi photos were released by Taiwanese newspaper 'Apple Daily' with the caption: “Big Bang’s Seungri was captured with Japanese model Anna Kubo acting like lovers. The two held hands and kissed on the cheek.”

'Apple Daily' published photos as well as a video of Seungri getting kissed by Japanese model and actress Anna Kubo. According to their reports, the two went out with several friends after filming in the early hours of September 18. They were seen enjoying a late-night meal and having fun at a karaoke bar.

The video also captured Anna having a wardrobe malfunction, exposing a part of her chest as she was readjusting her outfit. The group left the karaoke bar around 3AM, Seungri and Anna Kubo appear to be a bit drunk, both were spotted holding hands and hugging. As they waited for a cab, Anna leaned on Seungri, planting a kiss on his cheeks.

Seungri and Anna Kubo are currently in Hong Kong for the Japanese drama ‘The Files of Young Kindaichi: Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case‘ on NTV. Anna Kubo is known to have dated Jackie Chan‘s son Jaycee Chan in the past.

YG Entertainment has released an official statement regarding Big Bang‘s Seungri and his relationship to Anna Kubo, shortly after reports were released to public.

The agency stated: “It’s not a scandal,” dismissing rumors of a relationship between Seungri and the Japanese model and actress. 

YG has also mentioned that they aren't really happy about this malicious news and according to the 1 minute 45 seconds video, it was Anna Kubo one-sided affection when she kissed Seungri on his cheek.

There are now reports saying that Anna Kubo kissed Seungri when he had his head turned, and that the Big Bang member was simply sending off the drunk actress in a taxi. 

YG further stated with a smile, “Seungri was rather awkward (in the video captured). Nothing amounting to a scandal has occurred and that reports of Seungri 'excessive contact' (with Anna Kubo) is actually not true.”

Many domestic fans have also displayed their dismay over the malicious reports made by overseas media.
Glad that YG release a statement immediately after such reports were made. According to the video, it seems like our maknae is just taking care of his noona! :D

Source:  Akp// Soompi// Nate// BBTW
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