[NEWS] Taeyang's twitter conversation with 2NE1 Dara & Bom, PSY, ITYM Song Baek Kyoung and SE7EN! (120919)

| Wednesday, September 19

It has been really lively ever since 2NE1's Dara joined twitter. Many have been welcoming 2NE1's fresh vocals to twitter and one of those are her YG peers.It all started with Dara requesting for ITYM's Song Baek Kyoung to follow her on Twitter.

@superfunkboy Oppa~~~~~~!!!! ^.^ Hello! (_) This is Dara! Follow please~! +.+

@krungy21 Who is this...Is this not Hapjeong's San-shi?? Dara-ya, I'm going to ask again, isn't your name San-shi? ke ke ke anyway, welcome~ Followed you from Facebook until Twitter, let's be good friends!!!!!! Ha

@superfunkboy Ha.. Hapjeong's San-shi.... O.O I am Miryang's Park-shi ㅠ.ㅠ ke ke ke ke ke Today, I'm missing the pork kimchi stew that oppa bought for me nyam nyam nyam!!! +.+

As it is unusual for Koreans to hve three-syllable names, Song Baek Kyoung thought that Dara's name was "San Dara" instead of "Park Sandara", making Dara "San-shi" or "Ms San" in English and thus teasing her last name. Upon seeing this, it seems like Taeyang decided to join in the fun to tease his noona!

@krungy21 Noona, your last name is San??

@Realtaeyang Hul!!!! Pparabam...I'm not San-shi ㅠ That's only a rumor.. ke ke ke (T/N: Pparabam is an onomatopoeia)

@krungy21 Then this is Parksan-shi?? Poongbi Parksan-shi (T/N: Poongbibaksan means "to break up and scatter" or "cut to pieces")

@Realtaeyang Oh my god.... O.O Break up and scattered..?!? I don't think we have the same sense of humor ㅠ.ㅠ ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke 

@krungy21 Hoot..

Twitter brings everyone together, no matter where you are and PSY, who is currently in the States also decided to join his dongsaengs. Just like Dara, it seems like PSY was thrown off by Taeyang's unique sense of humor.

@krungy21 @Realtaeyang @superfunkboy What are you doing ke ke ke ke ke ke 

@psy_oppa @Realtaeyang @superfunkboy Oppa~ ke ke ke ke ke ke ^_^;;;;;; The exchange and sharing warm conversations~ How are you?! When are you coming back to Korea?

We're playing with scattered things, hyung ke ke ke ke RT
@krungy21 @Realtaeyang @superfunkboy What are you doing ke ke ke ke ke ke 

On top of that, Song Baek Kyoung seems to enjoy Taeyang's tweet as he continues to tease Dara with the new nickname that Taeyang gives his noona (T/N: Poongbibaksan/ Scattered things) , yet at the same time asking telling Taeyang that he can't take the younger's humor and ask him to go write some rap lyrics and be a rapper! 

ke ke ke ke scattered things ke ke ke Our Youngbae is witty ke ke I can't take this you should write raps. Be a rapper RT @Realtaeyang: @krungy21 Then this is Parksan-shi?? Poongbi Parksan-shi

In response to the love he received for his gag, Taeyang thanked his hyungs which leads Song Baek Kyoung in complimenting his dongsaeng? 

@psy_oppa @krungy21 @superfunkboy My jokes are always loved by my hyungs.. Hoohooot! :)

@Realtaeyang Our Youngbae who looks at girls as if they are rocks seems to think Dara Park is a hyung. Thats a desirable outlook~! Nice dude


 SE7EN to the rescue!!! SE7EN has always been Dara's protector. Hence after coming on twitter and notice that Taeyang has been bullying Dara, SE7EN decides to step up as a senior and as a hyung and oppa to stop Taeyang and his gags!

@Realtaeyang Youngbae-ah, put away your gags

@officialse7en Hyung if you keep being like this I'm gonna order from Bongchu..(T/N: Bongchu is a different chicken restaurant which offers more or less the same menu as Yeolbong, SE7EN's chicken restaurant. It could be seen as Yeolbong's rival)

@Realtaeyang Youngbae just work hard on your singing!!! ^^ 


After disturbing Dara, Taeyang decides to switch his target to...2NE1's Bom? 

@haroobomkum Noona are you going to secretly order pizza again??

Omo did Taeyang just expose Bom? And guess who saw Youngbae's tweets? 

@haroobomkum Bom~ I'm watching you!

In Bom's defences and maybe because she didn't want Bom to be 'attacked' like herself, Dara decide to help out her fellow member.

@Hwangssabu @haroobomkum Bom is sleeping ke ke ke 

2NE1 was on the way to Saemyung University and poor Bom who was sleeping on her way there was clueless until she wake up and got a yellow card from Hwangssabu. Immediately she send a tweet to Taeyang to scold him for exposing her!

@Realtaeyang Hey!!!~~~~ ㅠ I was just sleeping in the car!!! ㅠ and I got a yellow card from Ssabunim!!! ~~~You~~~pig!!
YG Family love!!! aren't their interactions too cute?!! :D but do you think SE7EN could stop Youngbae? Seems like Youngbae has something bigger in his hands against SE7EN ^^ aigoo when will Youngbae stop bullying his noonas :P

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