[PHOTOS/INFO] Ambush x G-Dragon Collaboration for My Boon! (120914)

| Friday, September 14

Choi Jae Hyuk (MyBoon Staff): “Ambush x G Dragon x My Boon Collaboration will be launched at My Boon on September 21st. It celebrates GD’s 24th B Day(8-18) and his new album release. Since he (GD) loves the number 8, the 2 styles of collabo only produced 8 and (in total of) 88. On 21st only 8 items of each style will be sold, and the rest of 80 will be at the store in October.”
*NOTE: If you can recall, 'GDYB attended My Boon’s store opening'. Ambush Design is a clothing and accessories line run by Yoon & M-FLO’s Verbal. See the photos of Ambush below:~
W Korea's Instagram Updates: Close up photo of  Ambush x G-Dragon

Collection of Ambush x G-Dragon "Screw It" Pendant Box Set/88 Limited
Collection of Ambush x G-Dragon "Royally Screwed" Pendant/8 Limited Box Set
Collection of Ambush x G-Dragon "SCREW IT" BOX Set 1/88
Stay with us for more updates! ^^

Source: @myboon//@dasentinel (Jae Hyun Choi) + @verbakl_ambush//@wkorea


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