[TRANS] Seungri's Diary Update: I'm not the only one in this world"! (120902)

| Sunday, September 2

Seungri's Diary Update (120901)" I'm not the only one in this world" 

Today, I planned to stop everything and it’s my holiday. But this is not for me. There are so many people who work hard for me now. I’m entering my 7thyear living in entertainment world and I’m receiving support from all of the staffs. 

The ‘me’ now, can’t be here with my strength only. If it were not because of everyone’s strength, I don’t think I’ll be here now.  All of them know that I like to do my works,  that I like to be busy but for the last 2 months, they keep running here and there, and I think they need to rest so, today is holiday.. 

There are so many things to think of in the showbiz world. For my sake, my staffs had been thinking which shows that good, is there any schedule overlaps, is the shows suit my image, they’ve been worrying and keep worrying for me.Until now, I think I’ve appear on about 60% of Japanese shows. And certainly they’ve been tired but no one came to me complaining they’re tired and can’t go on… 

I have to feel that.. I cherish all my staffs around me and I’m thankful to them..We can’t forget about all friends who have been working together with us. When Big Bang started our activity this year, I took a look inside of my wallet. In it, there’s a photo with faces of all 5 Big Bang members and the names written underneath. I have to cherish all friends who have been working hard together. I think that is what absolutely necessary to us^^ Everyone, how was your Saturday? 

Good night (^ - ^) /

Aww Seungri....♥.♥.. Stay with us for more updates!^^
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