[FAN ACCOUNT] Big Bang Alive Galaxy World Tour 2012 in Singapore, 28th & 29th September! (121009)

| Tuesday, October 9

Big Bang has successfully concluded their two shows in Singapore. Being a Singapore VIP, I was there for both shows, the first show in the moshpit while the second day I was seated facing the stage. Do forgive me if I did forget some of the moments especially for the first day since I was standing and I sometimes couldn't see or hear the boys with all those screaming beside me. 

On 28th September I arrived early (approximately 3pm) because I held a standing ticket for the first show. I decided to explore around a little before joining the already long queue. 

The concert was held at the one and only Singapore Indoor Stadium. Eventhough the concert only starts at 7pm, there were many fans at the venue already, some about to join the queue like me, some purchasing official merchandise while some are just hanging around, waiting for the doors to be opened at about 6pm to enter the hall.

Fans were able to take photos with BIGBANG against the set ups as a memory and even to join the best photo contest against the blue capsule wall. There was also a booth set up for fans to purchase official tour merchandises by YG.
Since the name of this tour is "Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012", Samsung Singapore is obviously one of the big sponsers of the concert. They had displays put up along the road that says "Bringing Big Bang to your Galaxy".
 Not only that, they have had booths set up equipped with Samsung Galaxy SIII as well as Samsung Galaxy Note, accompanied with many interesting activities. We were asked to leave Big Bang a message on the Galaxy Notes and after we do so, we would be entitled to a free and limited lanyard/ ticket holder as well as a blue bangle.
Not only that, they have staffs there introducing you to the function of Samsung Galaxy SIII, staffs to help you put on tattoos and even fix hair extentions for G-Dragon wannabes or fans. You could also snap a picture of yourself or with a friend using the Samsung Big Bang Alive Tour app and get them made into a badge on the spot!

After 3+ hours of queuing, I was finally inside the stadium but since I didn't queue that long, I was standing rather behind but still close to the extension stage. 

Day 1 Concert on 28th September started at approximately 7:15pm Singapore time with "Alive" as an intro while the boys are in their capsules "landing" in Singapore. The concert officially starts with G-Dragon screaming "What's up Singapore!" before they got down to the first song of the day, "Tonight".

"Hands Up" follows after "Tonight" before the boys stop for a brief moment, commenting that "Singapore is Fantastic!" before continuing with "Fantastic Baby". The boys disappeared from the extension stage and reappeared at the main stage with G-Dragon and Seungri on their MCM segways. along with TOP walking form the middle while Taeyang appeared on the left side of the stage with a white bicycle and Daesung on the right, Daesung and TOP on their foot. I'm guessing GD and TOP was suppose to be on the segways but because of TOP's injury he couldn't do so. 

After "How Gee" and "Stupid Liar",Seungri, Daesung and Taeyang were left on stage singing an extra verse of "Stupid Liar" while GD and TOP prepared for their solo stage. The boys greeted Singapore fans formally with Taeyang speaking in English and Seungri following suit trying his best to converse to fans in English. Seungri mentioned that their English might not be perfect but will try their best. 

Note: BIGBANG has no translator at all throughout both concerts which KPOP acts usually has so when some of them speak Korean those who are better in English like Taeyang or GD would translate it to fans or they just leave it as it. 

Seungri then proceed in asking his members if they knew about “Merlion” and immediately explained to them that it is Singapore’s mascot which has a lion head and fish body. He then mentioned that Merlion is an amazing character just like Big Bang. Taeyang mentions about Chilli Crabs and Black Pepper Crabs, how he love it but was disappointed that they only tried a little of it (as seen in GD’s instagram and Daesung's To-San's Diary) so he said he would like to eat the two dishes. 

Since Daesung has been very quiet, Seungri then said to Daesung “Say something ! In English! Show me what you’ve got D!” Seungri then pointed to Daesung saying “He’s D” and then “He’s T” to Taeyang before saying that he is V and the three of them are “T, D, V” respectively. However Daesung seems a little shy and doesn’t have much confidence with his English, asking if he could speak in Korean and greeted fans in Korean.

Following which the three then hyped the crowd, with Seungri taking the section on his right while Daesung took my side, his left. After a few rounds of “yeahs~” by Seungri’s side, he then challenged Daesung and our side of the stadium by saying “Show me what you got D!”. It was easy to follow Daesung for the first two time but the third time his notes went really high, which some of us ended up laughing and the others trying their best to do so, resulting to Seungri standing with his hands apart as he shrug his shoulders. 

Lastly Taeyang took over, going levels by levels starting from the mosh pit (1st floor), 2nd floor followed by the third. When it was time, Taeyang introduced that the next stage is his favorite duo, and Seungri immediately did a beat-box. Taeyang then sang a small section of "Knock out" before they officially exit the stage after introducing GD&TOP on stage.

GD&TOP started their solo stage with "Knock Out" and TOP was wearing is water-design blazer over his left shoulder, since his right hand is bandaged and it wouldn't be east for him to remove and put on clothes. there were fans who saw him taking off the blazer with his teeth after "Knock Out" since it kept falling off his shoulders. After "Knock Out", GD&TOP got fans to follow them in saying “la~” and “in the sky”. TOP caught everyone off guard when he said “Say kiss the sky” but fans still followed him. After which, TOP did a beat-box with GD rapping before they introduce their next song, "High High". GD was seen lying 'superman' style on one of the two treadmill path between the main stage and extension stage while TOP was standing on it while it moves them forward, couldn't lie down like GD because of his hands.

Seungri appeared with a laser gun after GD&TOP's stage, flashing the laser across the stadium as “Strong Baby” plays. He then head out to the extension stage and had a dance break, nicely transecting to his next song “What Can I Do”. Seungri’s solo in my opinion had more dancing than singing.
During "Café", the boys were standing at the extension stage with their mic stands and what got fans screaming excitedly was when GD had to switch position with Seungri and in the midst, GD slapped Seungri's butt, making him smile shyly and GD was smiling back at him. The both too shared a hug before finally getting into their position. 

Finally the five of them address fans together after "Café", mentioning that this was their first solo concert in Singapore and that they are very happy to be here. G-Dragon then asked fans what was our favorite songs of Big Bang. After leaning in close towards the fans at the moshpit trying to listen to their answer, Seungri mentioned that he loves Crayon, making GD give him a hug. They mentioned that GD’s solo wasn’t part of the concert set list and noticing that fans are so supportive and interested in GD's solo, they asked GD to sing it on the spot. 

With Taeyang and Seungri beat-boxing for GD, he lie down on the floor like how he always did at the start of Crayon performance and then did a verse of it. Seeing that fans couldn’t get enough of it, Seungri, Taeyang and Daesung sang One of a Kind, Seungri did a little of the dance while Daesung was going “Neh Hyung, neh noona~” GD did sing a little of One of a Kind as well before Taeyang said Bad Boy was his favorite, introducing the crowd to their next song.
When Taeyang's solo was coming to an end, he tried to remove his singlet but it got caught to his bandana. In the end he removed both before throwing them to the crowd. Daesung performed "Wings" with his large white wings and I did notice that there is the pole hang on top that Daesung can get on to “fly” across the stadium but it didn’t came down. I was rather looking forward to see Daesung "fly" but he just walk towards the extension stage. 

During Haru Haru, they got everyone to sing for them. When we finish singing, Seungri said “Singapore has a nice voice. Better than mine.” GD looks at him and replied “I don’t think so.” GD praise Singapore fans for being impressive and told the crew to turn the lights on so that they can take a good look at all the fans who came to support them today. They mentioned that it was going to be their last song and the end of the concert already and fans were disappointed that time pass by so fast. 

They said that this was their first concert here in Singapore and they are very happy, and then promise they would come again. Also they got TOP to talk and he said that he apologize for not being able to come to Singapore in a good shape. He also said that although he is injured, he would still do his best as a promise to Singapore fans despite the pain and that in the future they would come to Singapore in their best condition. And then there was a ChoomTOP moment where he danced bingu-ly. 

Despite his injured hand, TOP still held out his bandaged arm during that famous finger pointing part in "Lies" while the other members did the action on behalf of TOP. Daesung was smiling when he see TOP trying to do the action but had his arm wrapped up like that. Some fans too saw Seungri getting his butt smacked by GD again here.

During encore, Seungri asked if fans wanted more from them but he used the wrong word and instead say "Singapore are you want some more". Taeyang who hurt and notice the wrong English corrected Seungri saying "Do you want some more", making the maknae smile shyly before he said it again, this time correctly. 

G-Dragon wore a Luffy (One Piece) hat  that the fans gave him and while Seungri was going around filming on the Samsung Galaxy, he was staying quite long with GD who was lying at the side of the stage singing. Day 1 ended with lots of Daesung's fan service on our side with his eye smile all the time and extreme head banging while I met eyes with Seungri with the both of us having a serious expression at that time, maybe I was delusion and he was just looking generally at my area but still thinking back I thought it was funny how his face was so serious and I think I was just biting my lips nervously but my face was serious too for those 5 seconds. 

Also things that happened which I can’t remember clearly when it happened during the concert for the first day was that Taeyang went to pull Seungri’s shirt up, showing fans Seungri’s abs during the end of one song while during their last ment they wanted Daesung to take off his clothes too. When Daesung refuse, TOP went after him and despite his injured hand he was going after Daesung as if he wanted to take off his clothes while Daesung was pleased that it wasn’t easy to take it off since there was this metal like frame thingy over his white dress shirt that he wore after his solo.

On 29th September, the second and also last show of Big Bang's Alive Tour in Singapore, I was seated facing the stage on the second floor, meaning I have clear view of the performance and also the boys be it whether they are at the main stage (which I can't see when I was at moshpit cause I was standing at the extension stage), side stage of even the extention stage. 
As usual the concert started with "Alive" and "Tonight" but the difference in the second show was that after performing "Hands Up", the boys were given time to introduce themselves to the fans at the extention stage before they continue with "Fantastic Baby", "How Gee" and "Stupid Liar".

I was really worried for G-Dragon at the start of the concert because I've seen him at the edge of the extension stage almost falling off while dancing twice. I wasn't sure if he was that close to falling off during the first day as well since I couldn't see the other side but as I'm looking at the stage from the second floor it was so scary to see GD that close. It seems like he too was aware that he was a little too close during those two times I saw him almost falling off.

Seungri, Taeyang and Daesung were left on the stage again while GD&TOP went off to prepare for their solo stage. The boys asked if Singapore fans were having fun and also how we were doing. Seungri started asking the boys about "Merlion" and this time round I heard him say it's a lion head and fish butt. Yes he said fish butt. 

He then asked the membvers if they knew Merlion. making Daesung reply saying that Merlion is his friend and Taeyang just can't help but to laugh at his dongsaeng's conversation. Seungri then ask if Daesung had his number or facebook and Daesung said he didn't need them cause Merlion was using Galaxy. Taeyang then went on to scream Galaxy but still the three of them laugh because it was just too funny!  

Seungri also mentioned Marina Bay Sands on the second show, making me feel a tad bit proud cause I was working there once but he was saying Marina Bay without the Sands, and it was totally cute! He then further explain to his members saying that it has three towers and a large spaceship like roof with a big swimming pool before ending it off saying that he love Singapore.

Taeyang mentioned about the crabs again, since they are famous dishes in Singapore as must tries to tourist, Seungri suddenly got excited and said "crab crab crab" while he do the Strong Baby "Clap clap clap" dance, saying that is his own version of crab. Again he called Daesung "D", asking him to talk to the fans. Daesung then told Seungri "I want to see your crab" which Seungri replied "My Crab?" before he dance to Strong Baby "Hey Sexy...crab crab crab".
During "Café", while Seungri and G-Dragon had to swop positions, the both of them walked relaly close to one another and GD hugged Seungri, making fans scream. After "Café", the boys as usual greeted Singapore fans but this time Taeyang asked fans if they knew about G-Dragon's new solo album. He asked if GD could sing a song from his new album and GD asked fans what they wanted to hear. Taeyang then started beat-boxing, making GD lie down on the floor then seat back up before getting up to sing "Crayon" followed by "One of a Kind".

After Taeyang's solo, Daesung took the stage with "Wings" but this time round the pole was lowered down when the dancers help Daesung put on his wings! Daesung head to the pole and was lifted off the ground, going back and forth in the air like he was flying, making him look really like a flying angel. "Haru Haru" was another singalong for everyone before the boys make their final ment before their encore. 

During their ment, Seungri said that he loves Singapore and Merlion, saying "He's D's (Daesung) friend but I love him." After which he promise dans that BIGBANG would come back again because they love Singapore and lastly confess "We love Marina Bay (Sands), and Chili Crab, Pepper crab...crab crab crab...woo! Awesome Singapore! I love you, Thank you!" making G-Dragon laugh so hard he squat on the floor, stumbling back a little.

Because of Seungri's bold confession, Taeyang too confessed, saying  "We love Seungri!". Following which GD returned saying "We love Seungri right?", causing everyone to chant Seungri's name but he ask us to stop saying "No no this is awkward".
Quoting from Seungvi@tumblr a very cute conversation:

GD: You guys are beautiful tonight!

Taeyang: Tell you something, yo yo, let me tell you something

GD: What?

Taeyang: If I make a girlfriend, I'm going to find one from Singapore

VIPs: *goes wild*

Taeyang: *walks around* Where's a cute girl? Where's a pretty girl?

GD: *sings Where you at? Where you at?

VIPs: *goes crazy screaming*

Taeyang: Everybody say yeah! Say yeah! Say whoot whoot! Say whoot whoot whoot!

VIPs: *repeats everything Taeyang says SINCE HE STOLE OUR HEARTS*

TOP: poot poot poot poot!


Bigbang: *laughs at VIPs doing everything they ask for*
It was finally encore and the boys sang "Heaven" and "Bad Boy". The boys wanted to leave the stage after "Heaven" for both days while they ask if it was alright for them to leave, which of course fans forbids and they continue with the next song. During "Bad Boy", Seungri was given a Samsung Galaxy SIII and just like Day 1 he was filming his members. Daesung notice that it was going to be Seungri's part to sing and ask Seungri to hand him the phone so that he can video Seungri twice but the maknae refuse to let go. 

Also fans prepared a special project called "Thank You BIGBANG", which actually is a yellow banner made and distributed by @AliveTourSG for fans to hold them up during the boys' encore to thank them for their wonderful performance over the two days and also for coming to Singapore. As soon as the boys came out, they saw a whole see of yellow banners saying Thank You to them and Daesung thank everyone who came to see them. Seungri too manage to get a hold of the banner that was thrown onto the stage, posing with it at the cameras and even bringing it to G-Dragon, who was sitting by the stage, to show G-Dragon and then the two of them pose with the banner.
Seungri was dancing to "Gangnam Style" during "Fantastic Baby". Afterwhich in "Feeling" he too was spotted at the extension stage dancing with bingu TOP before he "Gangnam Style" away. TOP had his shoe lace undone while and when he was walking to the middle of the extension stage, he saw Seungri, asking him to stop and do his laces for him. Seungri was going around with a panda plushie that he received from the fans and when he notice that his hyung, who was already going on his knees to stabilize his position, Seungri bend down to help TOP tie his shoe lace befoer the two went off again to interact with fans.
G-Dragon was spotted heading towards the stage on his right, interacting with the fans who were seated on the 2nd floor. Since he was rather far away I couldn't see what it was but it seems like he was throwing to the crowd the wristband that he was wearing on his wrist, the one that they sold at the merchandise booth. However there was a distance between the fans and the stage so G-Dragon ended up missing them and the wristband dropped on the floor. He could have just continued his way but instead he pointed to the floor, asking the staff to help him get it before he threw it to the fans, this time succeeding. He then went to the left side of the stage and threw the wristband (this time I saw it clearly) towards the fans. 

When Seungri was making his way down the stage, wanting to get close to the fans at the moshpit, G-Dragon took a bottle, emptying the water on Seungri's head but Ri doesn't seems to be bothered by the water. When Seungri reach ground level. G-Dragon still had a little more water in his bottle splashed in at Seungri, making him turn and look at GD like asking his hyung why he poured water on him jokingly while GD just ignored him and walk away with a smile after crushing the bottle and throwing it to the crowd. When Seungri got up on stage he took a few bottles and I thought he was going to take revenge but it didn't happen.

One of the fan threw a pink dinosaur plushie up on stage, which I suppose was for TOP who was, at that point, on the other side of the stage. However Daesung saw it, making the pink dinosaur stand before he squat behind it as if he was riding on the dinosaur for fans to take picture of. He then left the dinosaur to stand and move to other parts of the stage. I thought TOP was going to take the dinosaur shortly cause he was walking towards that part of the stage but the poor dinosaur got kicked off stage to fans by Taeyang, not sure if it was on purpose or he didn't notice. 

The reason why I say it might be on purpose is because it seems like everything the fans threw on stage for the boys were given to fans. G-Dragon had a yellow face mask, Seungri and his panda toy, TOP's dinosaur and also a frameless specs, the boys all had fun with them, touching and interacting with those items before they threw them back to other fans. 

During "Feeling", G-Dragon was lying on the side of the stage while singing and when the concert was over, he continued to lie there with no intentions of leaving while the members were already walking to the middle of the stage where it is there they leave the stage. G-Dragon than sat up, seeing his members about to leave the stage and wave goodbye to them, as if telling them that he would like to stay on stage and they could leave if they want without him. 

Because of how the leader refuses to leave the stage, Taeyang then said they should do another song before "Knock Out" blast through the speakers. It was only day 2 did they have this special encore song before they officially end their second and last show in Singapore!

Big Bang Alive Galaxy World Tour 2012 Singapore Set List for 28th & 29th September:

Alive (Intro)
Hands Up
Ment (Only 29th September)
Fantastic Baby
How Gee
Stupid Liar
Knock Out
High High
Strong Baby
What Can I Do
Gara Gara Go
Number 1
Ment - Crayon / One of a Kind
Bad Boy
Love Song
Look Only At Me
Wedding Dress
Haru Haru Acoustic Version
Last Farewell

Bad Boy
Fantastic Baby
Knock Out (Only 29th September) 

That's all I have for you guys! I've enjoyed myself alot and I hope that those who would be going for future Alive World Tour would enjoy as much as I do. I share with you guys my point of view for the second day of the concert with a clear view of the yellow sea and end it off with thanking Big Bang, YG Entertainment, Launch Group, Samsung Mobile Singapore, Lushington Entertainment and Live Nation for bringing Big Bang to Singapore! Hope to see the boys soon in Singapore or rather next year as they promise!  

Source: Seungvi@tumblr// BIGBANG FB// Samsung Mobile Singapore FB// gdbong@instagram
Written by Eliza@BIGBANGWORLD


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