[NEWS] G-Dragon Eyeing New Album, Concert Next Spring! (121023)

| Tuesday, October 23

K-pop artist G-Dragon is planning another surprise coming in a few months, YG Entertainment C.E.O said last week.

YG chief Yang Hyun-suk revealed in an interview with 10Asia last Thursday that G-Dragon's new album and concert are planned next spring.

“It was G-Dragon's initial plan to drop a full-track record, not a mini-album. As the release date was put off, we had a short time left for promotion. We all felt so bad about this that we've decided to release another G-Dragon's solo album and hold a concert next spring," Yang said, confirming the trendsetter's new project.

"I may set the over schedule for albums and promotions but I am not the one who make music. it’s the artists,” he added, apologizing for G-Dragon's short musical activities this year due to the two-month delay of his mini-album.

Expressing his difficulties of supporting the firm's artists’ music works, Yang said the K-pop icon will definitely make up for the lack of his presence on stage as a solo artist this year.

“I never push them or order them to do something with a due date. That’s not how YG does it. That is beyond my ability...... It is the artists, and not me, who are doing music and my job is to make a better environment for them to produce better music,” the C.E.O said in a humble manner.

Likewise, to make up for lack of 2012 activities, Yang said 2NE1 is currently recording in the studio with producer Teddy and the girls' next release will likely be a single.
OMG!! Next year gonna be a wonderful year! Bigbang hwaiting^^



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