[NEWS] “Gangnam Style” MV child star Hwang Min Woo confesses he previously liked Big Bang more than Psy! (121025)

| Thursday, October 25
The dancing child prodigy, Hwang Min Woo, from Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” MV revealed that he previously liked Big Bang more than he liked Psy, but that it all changed after the filming of the music video.

On the October 24th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Good Day‘, Hwang Min Woo featured as a guest alongside his parents. Hwang Min Woo revealed, “I knew about Psy since I was five years old.” When asked if he liked Psy back then, he replied, “Not so much… I originally liked Big Bang better. But after I got the call to appear on his MV, I started to like Psy ahjusshi. Right now, I like ‘Gangnam Style’ Psy ahjusshi more.”

The child’s father, Hwang Eui Chang also shared, “A representative from Psy’s agency saw Min Woo’s appearance on ‘Star King‘ and introduced the clip to Psy. Psy laughed when he saw it and asked to film a MV together. Min Woo’s appearance was confirmed two days before the MV filming.”

Hwang Min Woo previously showed his amazing talent as a performer on SBS ‘Star King‘ and tvN‘s ‘Korea’s Got Talent 2‘.
What a cute boy he is ^o^
Source: allkpop


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