[NEWS] Seung-Chan's Diary Updates: Phillipines! (121026)

| Friday, October 26
It has been a long time...

It has been a long time since my last update.. Lots of things have happened.. It is really good to have activities in Japan...

I have been having good times in these three months. Time flies.. really...
The memory in Japan... to me... it is something important...
I will not forget it for my whole life..

I have been having loads of 1st times here...
I have really done so much this year...

Then we are now having World Tour...
Thailand, Taiwan then now, we will go to Phillipines.

When I am flying to these countries, I am thinking about why these people know Big Bang and cheer for us?

There are countries that we have just been there as our 1st visit but there were still so many fans waiting for us.
We are really blessed. Really, we are loved by the people all around the world. I think like this.

In Japan, when I was filming outdoors with Sugi Chan, it was just summer and was really hot. Now, winter is already approaching.

Everybody is doing good?

Can I still write this blog from now on?

Because I have been staying in the rooms of different hotels, I do feel a bit lonely..

I might forget my Japanese too...

I want to meet you guys very much too...

Because seeing you has already become part of my habit...

These 3 months... Although many things did happen, thank you so much for supporting me all the way. I am really grateful to all of you.

I will work hard in the future too.
Really thank you!

Because I have not written here for a long time, it is a bit long. Sorry.

Also thank you very much for today!

Philippines was great

Today was really great,i’m so surprised! This is our first time doing LIVE in Philippine but the reaction from everyone was so great, i’m surprised. Everyone danced to our music. Every countries have their own style, i feel that Philippine was quite calm ^^ And i think the town was a bit quiet..but it was really hot! It was fun! Philippine, Thank you!

Although the most regret is language. i wanted to talk more… Of course…In front of everyone… In front of fans who are always protecting us, we wanted to convey our feelings more. But it seems impossible to remember words from every country.. please understand that okay… i wonder since when i started to speak japanese so well… I watched the Live DVD of our concert in Japan last year, seeing myself talking using the wrong japanese, made me think ‘what this person is saying?” Now? i can even write diary personally… Um. Anyway, i think it’s a good thing for me.

It will be good if all Bigbang members become fluent in japanese. So that we could have our own show with ‘Bigbang’ name on it. Though TOP san is cuter, the way he is now.. A really handsome person like him talking like an elementary school kid.. the gap of those things, is his charm point. Because TOP san is really busy with movie filming, it seems he don’t get a good sleep… ^_^ But seeing him working so hard on it, i think he’s great. I’m looking forward to see what kind of movie it’s going to be~

Next is Malaysia.. Looks like it’s having a hard time there (because of the rainy season), will it going to be okay? I’m sure Malaysian fans also are waiting for us…

It’s going to be okay..

Because i’m a ‘hareru otoko’, the weather will be good as well! (hareru otoko = a man who causes the weather to become sunny when he gets out) The clouds are on our side too! Please!

That’s all. Otsukaresanma-san! (Otsukaresama = a greeting after working to others, but Seungri plays with ‘Sanma’ or a name of a show he appeared before here)
Big Bang hwaiting ^o^

Source: Seungri's Weibo via @RiceKwon + @0401rurutic via bikbaengs@tumblr


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