[NEWS] Seungri's Final Diary from Josei 7 Magazine (Volume 8)! (121021)

| Sunday, October 21
VI,’ During these 3 months, I have met loads of friends and fans. I feel really sorry since I am leaving.’
After having 3 concerts in the 3 domes in Japan in November, we have to say goodbye to the beautiful smile for a while. VI will share his thoughts in this after more than 100 days with this magazine!

It is the time that we cannot see each other!
The feeling of leaving Japan now is like leaving the stones that I have been working hard to pile up. I am wondering whether they will be destroyed? Sometimes I do feel unstable like this too. However, when I come here next time, I hope you can give me much love because you have not seen me much.

What should I buy as souvenir for my sister who loves spicy food? (Sweating)
In my hometown, I have a dad who knows Judo and a mum who cooks really well. I also have a 1-year-younger sister who loves spicy food. Although I am the maknae in the band,  actually, I am the eldest child in my family! Currently I am thinking about what I should buy for my sister as her souvenir. Last time, I bought her a LV wallet but she just said,"I will just give a try at first." She is really not a good sister, right? (laugh)

The feeling of being more famous in Ginza?!
When I was shopping in the streets that I like in Ginza, the shop keeper of Dolce&Gabbana used Korean to welcome me, "Welcome, I am a fan of VI." Because I was so happy and I think it is not polite to leave without buying anything, I finally bought a suit.

Keeping contact with the members by sending messages
Although we do not do so every day, whenever I send messages to them (other members of Big Bang), they will phone me at the same time coincidentally. GD used to say, "it is quite funny, isn’t it?" (shy) However, once I sent a message to SOL-san in Korean but he just replied me in English. Why?

Because of what Takei Emi said, I was very nervous
In the program that I was the MC, Takei Emi was once the guest. When I met her again in another TV program, she told me, "hey, I have cut my bangs." But because it was too sudden so I just replied, "it looks good on you…" It would have been better if I had praised her more!’

I will bring my humble heart back to Korea
One point which really surprised me after going to Japan is no matter how great that person is, he still keeps a humble heart. In fact, for the fact that our group activities had been cut in the middle because of an accident, I seem to have lost this personality. Because we are just people, we must need to face failures. However, the most important is we should not commit the same mistakes again. Although I have erred too. please keep on showing your warm care towards me.
Seungri hwaiting!! We'll always support you ^o^
Source: Trans by @RiceKwon


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