[NEWS] Big Bang Causes Standstill in Peru With Group’s First Visit! (121115)

| Thursday, November 15

The Big Bang members have caused pandemonium with their first visit to the South American country of Peru.

Big Bang touched down in the early morning hours of November 13 (local time) at Jorge Chavez International Airport in Peru as part of its ongoing Alive Galaxy Tour 2012.

Even ahead of the group’s arrival, a throng of Big Bang fans had already descended in swarms at the airport and the Big Bang members were immediately met with passionate screams and shouts from the fans upon their emergence.

The fans in attendance weren’t just Peruvian locals but fans who had travelled all the way from Brazil, Ecuador, Columbia and other surrounding nations, proving Big Bang’s popularity in South America.

Fans had already received word of the hotel the Big Bang members would be staying in and by the time the members had arrived at their lodging, yet another crowd of thousands of fans and even members of the local press had gathered, with fans holding up placards and shouting out to the Big Bang members.

Already at the Jockey Club, the location of the group’s concert venue, throngs of fans have pitched tents more than a week ahead of the concert day as they eagerly await the November 14 concert.
Some 7,000 fans in all are expected to attend the Big Bang concert in Peru.

So proud of Peru VIPs! Stay with us for more updates.^o^

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