[NEWS] Seung-chan's Diary Updates! (121126)

| Tuesday, November 27

  • (121126) Seung-chan's diary: 70 years old Seung-chan?? T.T
I went to one hospital that SOL introduced to me last time... The doctor said to me... "Seungri san, is it okay if i be frank with you...?"... "Yes, please!"

"Seungri san's body is 70 years old of an old man" I was shocked......and panicked...  The 21 years old me has been told that my body is 70 years old... I can't believe it...

Today, i went to the hospital again.. Maybe because i went trough for some treatments, the doctor said,
"Seungri san, your body has become a lot better!! Good!"... "Doctor, how old is my body today?"

"Today, your body is 50 years old (^O^)!!!" I'm so happy...really...I'm so happy... It's 20 years younger... Great!!! So happy!!

Let's keep this up until my body's age is really 20 years old! Everyone should do stretching too!!

Let's all work hard!!

Stay with us for more updates^^

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