[PHOTO] Seung-chan's Diary Updates: "In Las Vegas"! (121119)

| Sunday, November 18

(121119) Seungchan's diary:

This is Las Vegas!
A trip that was decided at the last minute!
As expected! It was fun!! (^O^)/

Actually, an acquaintance of mine is the hotel owner in Las Vegas... He said because my birthday is coming soon, he gave me the best room in the hotel as my birthday present ....!!!

Because the room is too good....I cried..
Thank you very much.. This so awesome room is too good for me.. I told him my appreciation,but the owner told me that it's prohibited to be humble in Vegas.
Ittadakimacchu~~~~~~ ^......^~~~~~~~

(Ittadakimasu is expression of gratitude, but he wrote Ittadakimacchu, as in to say it in cute way)

Here is a place where you can be friends with anyone!

(In English)
"How are U!?"
"Where are U from?!"
"Did U win today!!??"

Everyone who came here are all friends!!
So, I'm thinking to put all my stress in my pocket now, and enjoying my stay! (^O^)/
Awww hes so adorable~~ Stay with us for more updates^^

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