[PHOTO] Seung-Chan's Diary Updates: “Golden State California”! (121104)

| Sunday, November 4

Seungchan’s Diary: “Golden State California”

Bigbang performed live at Honda center which is an hour away from Los Angeles. Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Usher, Bon Jovi! famous American artists have performed live here. Their photos are exhibited in front of waiting rooms. Our photos will be exhibited there soon, I think.

But I did something absurd today. I can’t excuse myself. I should’ve said ‘Sunshine State’ to California fans. ”Sunshine state is a common word used in Florida, California is Golden state” a driver told me. So it’s like I said “Thank you Yokohama!! (^O^)/” in Osaka. I’m a fool for real.. I should apologize heartily tomorrow.

recently I have affairs that need to be reflected… but I tried hard in clumsy English… eventually, everyone said “Seungri is Funny guy!”… (note:he wrote ‘is funny guy’ in English) I didn’t intend to be funny though.. I was sincere in English.. why do I become a funny guy.. why.. I will ask my mom..

After the concert, special guests appeared! Performers in Glee, a popular drama in the US, came to greet us!! somehow they seemed to come for GD. GD’s face is really famous worldwide! He has so many friends all over the world!! Awesome!! Glee cast said they wanted to do cover of Big Bang’s songs in the drama. I’m so happy!! I’m looking forward to it!!

Fans enjoyed performances freely today! and this picture! it’s a pic during a performance. Don’t I look like Tsumabuki Satoshi a bit? ^__^ Sorry, Tsumabuki’s fans (note: Tsumabuki is an actor)

NOTE: Kevin McHale and Harry Shum Jr. from Glee attended Alive tour in LA and met Bigbang at the backstage. Stay with us for more updates^^

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