[PHOTO] Seung-Chan's Diary Updates: It is for Response! (121130)

| Thursday, November 29
  • (121129) Seung-chan's diary: It is for Response
IT IS FOR RESPONSE! Hello, it is Hong Kong! I was there once before when I was filming a drama. This is the 2nd time in my life that I have been here! We will come back here again in the week after the Tokyo dome performance because we will have alive tour here! 

This time we are here for the MAMA prize giving ceremony. Before this,we have been awarded so many good prizes in different ceremonies.Although it is a Korean prize giving ceremony, it will be broadcasted in different countries.Being awarded is like confirming the hard work you have done in the past year.It is very important to artists.

However, it is a bit different for us, we will be surely happy if we are awarded something but what we want to do is to give response to what you expect from us. Perfect stage, perfect live. What you want is… the perfect live of Big Bang, We know it.We know it clearly. Since you are anticipating it,we want to respond to it better.

Therefore, we feel the happiness is doubled when you give us applause after our performance! November is going to end and soon we will enter December. We have to prepare well for the ending of the year. We are working hard to create good memories for you as gifts. Up til now, I am long-winded,right? Really? wwwwwwww~~~~ 

Starting from here, just let me share some funny bits with you. After arriving HK, we immediately went to the hotel. Because there were a lot of people,it took us a long time to get the keys. Really took a long time… I didn't know why I didn't get my key even after other members have already gotten theirs and went to rest in their rooms. Because I am an impatient person, I just wanted to say,’give me the key immediately!’ However, then I thought of my image…

Seungrichan, image? wwwww~~ Therefore, I held back my eagerness. Finally, I got my key and went to my room. ‘Hello?’ Ah…there was a person inside the room and it was even a lady! How embarrassing!What happened in fact? Ah…

However,the manager of the hotel cam here quickly and the problem was soon be solved! He said,’it is our fault that we mixed up your room number. In order to express our regretfulness, we would like to upgrade your hotel room,is it okay?’ I said,’it doesn't matter but since you are so sincere…then I will just accept it!’ ^~~~^Lucky!!! Why it is like that? No matter whether I am in Las Vegas or Hong Kong, I have been given the best room! I really want to share my luck with you ^0^ And, please keep these confidential since if they know,they will say, ’hey, Seungri,exchange your room with me!’ wwwwwwwww~~

Good night!
Stay with us for more updates^^

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