[PHOTO] Seung-Chan's Diary Updates: “Blizzard War”” (121110)

| Saturday, November 10

Seungchan’s Diary: “Blizzard War

We had to travel to New York after finishing schedules in Los Angeles, for a Live on Thursday.

But there was news that it would be hard because of a blizzard hurricane in New York this morning. So we were worried with cancelled flights.. We could not help taking a flight that was the only choice.. 5 hours and a half to New York JFK airport. It's so far even though we flew from US to the US.. We had nothing to worry about at the time we departed.. But we arrived in Buffalo, not in New York.

Pilots said JFK airport in New York was discharged because of snowing. We have been boarding planes several times... but it was the first accident so no one knew what to do.. it took more that 10 hours to go to New York from Buffalo... But searching for a bus for 30 people was also a problem... we might be late..

At that moment, the pilot said he would challenge to go to New York.. I thought "is it ok?" but believed in his confidence! We approached New York, and the blizzard was so.. terrible. I was worried about the landing.. But the pilot's confidence was right. Safe~~ we arrived in New York safely.

Here is still suffering from hurricane Sandy, but blizzard again... Everyone has been hit so hard i think.. Please calm down, Sky/God.

We came here to keep fan's promise. There's no "Cancel" with Bigbang.. Tomorrow's Live, fighting Seungchan!

He's so adorable! kekeke~ Stay with us for more updates^^

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