[PHOTOS] Alive Tour in LA: BIGBANG Backstage photos! (121103)

| Monday, December 17

  • [DAY-1] BIGBANG with Michelle Phan, She mentioned on her instagram, "Hanging out with BigBang! Who's your favorite?!! I'll be home later tonight to upload a new video for Thursday!"
  • [DAY 1] Another Michelle Phan updates: “Big Bang please come back to the states for another World Tour!!!!”

  • [DAY-1] GDYB poses with Danny, Aimee lucas & @iammedic 

  • [DAY-1] Kevin McGale and Harry Shum from Glee are so damn happy taking pic with BIGBANG after watching Alive concert in LA, they mentioned everyone.

  • [DAY-1] GDYB with fans

  • [DAY-2] BIGBANG poses with fan

  • [DAY-2] Taeyang backstage with Lydia Paek, Aimee Lucas & fans.

Stay with us for more updates soon^o^

Source: @kevinmchale//@angellissa//@iiiinsta_tram + @flowsion//@iammedic//@agnessusinto//@megancurameng+ @michellefaun
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