[PHOTOS/TRANS] Seung-chan's Diary Updates! (121123-24)

| Sunday, November 25
  • (121123) Seungchan's diary: Seungchan Gomu Gomu!
It's Osaka!! Feel like I'm back home! You don't know how much I love Japan! wwww Many fans waited so long for us at the airport. They said "Seungchan, thank you for coming to Osaka!" But it's okay not to say so^^ 
I went to the place that exhibited "One Piece" in Osaka! It was really fun(^ㅇ^)/ there were Luffy and his brother, Ace's figures in life size. And 3D graphics with videos and sounds as well. I felt that I was in the world of One Piece, not just an exhibition. 

My favorite character is Sanji. He is always in good suits, I like him. as I went out through the exit, I had the face of kids. 
NOTE: Gomu means rubber. Its also a reference to Monkey d' Luffy's attack. 
  • (121124) Seungchan's diary: "Fantastic bits at Kyocera Dome"
The tour at Japan dome has started! And today we were at Kyocera Dome.Usually before the show,we would sit around the dome to get a taste of the feelings of audience.Because today there would be a total of 50000 audience,we had tried to sit in different seats,from nearest to the furthest in order to see what kind of voice they can hear sitting there. 

But the thing that troubles me most was the dome that we were going to hold our concert is a baseball auditorium. Because there is grass lying under the foot of the audience,they were not allowed to jump.There were signs asking the audience not to jump at the entrance,even when we asked them to jump….they would just hestite since they are the people who follow all the rules in Japan. 

How can we make them excited under such a restricted environment? It would all depend on our ability. It is the first time that I have had the chance to sing live for so many people,I want to perform better. We want to make you happy ever since we started performing in Japan.The experience of this kind will help us to do better.

I want to express my gratitute to the cheering that you gave us even those who were sitting at places which could not see us did so. After this show, I am determined to give the people the stages that they will be able to see our faces tomorrow.

I will sleep now for tomorrow’s live. Seungrichan

Stay with us for more updates^^

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