[PHOTOS] Seung-chan's Diary Updates: "Bad memories are gone to the sky"! (121111)

| Sunday, November 11

(121111) Seungchan's diary:

Although there were a lot of fans who were not able to come to our live yesterday…

Today… I could not believe there were 14000 fans who came! And the atmosphere was really good, I was really touched. Have you all read my diary? I said I would like to hold a concert in your living room!

It is quite good, isn’t it? www~~ 
I have actually heard that Seungchan’s dairy was uploaded to sites in different languages!!!

You who live in Japan are really lucky! So… please treat me gently wwwww
However, it is really awesome that people from all around the world can read my diary… Thanks to Twitter and Facebook. Our music videos are popular also because of these social networking sites. Thank you very much…

However, on the contrary, if people write about what others say without obtaining their permission or condemn others, it would definately bring harm to them.

In fact, it was because I did not know some of the operating ways of these social networking sites that I gave up using them. For me, writing diary is more relaxing www fighting!

Here!! There are somethings that I want to say to the people who are living in the Eastcoast. The windstorm has stopped and so did the snow. I hope starting from today, the weather can be changed! And only happy things would happen to all of you. I hope everyone of you can work harder in this kind of moment in order to overcome difficulty. I will keep supporting you!

I am inserting power to America! *Inserting*
He's so adorable! kekeke~ Stay with us for more updates^^

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