[PHOTOS/VIDEOS] BIGBANG @ JFK Airport leaving for Peru! (121113)

| Tuesday, November 13
  • Big Bang arrived to the airport , there were many fans waiting for them to come out of there cars , but they were waiting for TOP to arrive . While they were waiting, I saw GD SLEEPING in the back of the SUV. 
  • TOP finally arrived and they all came through JFK Airport , they all went to the ticket counter and they had to get there tickets to board the plane , they all got there tickets and they proceeded to go pass the check point , before they left they waived at fans and shook there hands. 
  • The source has been reported that they told G-Dragon to take off all his jewelry at the medal detector, he goes back and fourth before they let him through. See more photos below:~

  • MORE Photos in this slideshow:~
[INFO] Big Bang's 1st flight to Peru was cancelled. They might take other flights either today (10:55pm) or tomorrow (12:40pm). Stay with us for more updates soon^o^

Source: As tagged//@ipeung110 + 247paps@YT + @angievalerie


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