[NEWS] Seungchan’s Diary Updates: “Goals for Next Year” (121226)

| Thursday, December 27
  • (121226) Seungri's diary Updates: "Goals for next year"!"
This year will end soon..
say good bye to 2012.. I’m sad. Thinking I could have spent this year better… I might do my best but since I’m a human being, I can’t be satisfied with what I did…
there were good results but bad results too this year.

I have 3 goals for next year !

1. Mastering Japanese

  • Currently, my speaking Japanese is not bad.. but a Japanese staff said “I want you to study Japanese more because I think you can grow more with it” Yes, I still don’t know some words.. I want to study Chinese characters.. by doing so, I can express how I feel in detail there are so many people who read this diary, I want to have more next year^^ and will be glad if I can perform with Sanma I like !!
2. Studying English
  • I’d like to communicate with fans all over the world..should try for it.. worldwide fans are supporting Big bang. I have to study properly.. fighting for us^^
3. I want to sing a lot
  • I want to sing more and more next year. I felt this at the world tour. I wish I could sing in front of more people.. there may be solo things next year.. I’m expecting what things I will challenge for.. I want to work harder than this year for fans and myself as a member of Bigbang, growing as an adult, a man.. then I should prepare what I will do next year, seriously.c v
I will do Live at Sakigake awards 2012 in Japan tomorrow !!
this is my last schedule in Japan, please attend and cheer me^^ Thanks !

Stay with us for more updates^^

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