[PHOTO] Seung-chan’s Diary Updates: “Darkness for Bright Light” (121210)

| Wednesday, December 12
  • (121210) Seung-chan's diary: 'Darkness for Bright Light
Today was the last day for LIVE in Hong Kong.
I'm a bit sad because of that.. I went to the stage, as soon as I arrived...

Imagined fans who would come, looking around.. then, a staff said to me.. "Hello Seungri^^" "Ah! Hello!" "Uh.. Seungri !! I'm glad to work with BIGBANG. Thanks"

I'd never talked with him since then..
He seemed to have said that to me with courage.
There might not be much talk time between staffs and artists.. yes.. maybe..
We wait in the waiting room till we stand on stage.
So don't know well on what things staffs do..
I asked BIGBANG's cameraman to take a pic of unprepared stage.
And thought .. there are so many people who work for us..
I reckon that there are more other than these persons in this picture..
I thank you.. all that work for Bigbang..
I'm grateful to everyone...

Fans, there are lots of people who work harder than us behind the stage where we stand...Please don't forget their hard works.. to keep the meaning of efforts. Fighting !! Seungchan
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