[PHOTO] Seung-chan's Diary Update: "With Hwangssabu" ! (121215)

| Sunday, December 16
  • (121215) Seung-chan's diary: "With Hwangssabu"
We have just finished our first live in London,the fans of London are super hyper!
I woke up a bit earlier today, so I went jogging with Hwangssabu in the park nearby.Because it has been a long time since I have jogged outdoors, I felt really good.The air is good so is the weather. I got excited all in a moment.

I had my breakfast in 'bomburger' of Notting Hill today. It seems that the people of the restaurant will gather once for a while so now it is very crowded. wwwwwww
However, I always think when people talk and have meals together, they look really happy...

In japan, I often had to dinner alone... For now on, just gather each other to have meals together,okay?
When I went back to hotel, I heard the Christmas songs on the radio...
It will be Christmas soon.
You have dates already? What are you preparing to do? Wwwww Oh...
But i dont have appointments, even work is okay...
Today will have the last live in London,
Also work hard for today!

Seems like they both having some exercise in London. Stay with us for more updates!^^

Source: 餃子石頭剪子布x_gs @ weibo//Trans:@ricekwon


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