[PHOTOS] Seung-Chan's Diary Updates: 'My Thoughts, My Friend'!' (121203)

| Monday, December 3
  • (121203) Seung-chan's diary: 'My thoughts, My Friend!'
Today I met up with a KARA member whom I haven’t seen in a long while, Hara-chan..!^^ When we met we both mentioned, it is very rare that both of us are free and able to meet up? Today we had dinner together, went to a cafe, and chatted a lot..

Hara is a friend from my hometown, we were friends since 10 years ago.. At that time we trained together at the same place while sharing the same dreams…I met Hara when I was 14 years old, now 10 years have passed. Time, really passes very fast…

Every 3 years I meet up with Hara privately… Because we are both very busy.. “How did we get here? We are so awesome?”^^ Now, me and Hara are displaying our abilities in BIGBANG and KARA… Even in Japan, KARA is super popular!!!

When I go to the convenience store and see snacks with Hara’s face printed on it, I feel that she is awesome, I am so envious wwwwwwwww Since young, we shared the same dreams, and encouraged each other. Looking at our current situation… I find it very interesting, and I am very happy as well! ^^

In the past, Hara is a person who is shy of strangers, so she has always been very quiet, but since she became an artiste, she slowly became more bubbly! ^^ And… Hara-chan is progressing very fast…Oh no wwwwwww We haven’t met in a long while, it’s nice to be able to meet up…We not only talked about work, we talked a lot about our private affairs as well…

There is no secret between me and Hara… Because Hara is my trusted friend.. Due to a sense of motivation I got from Hara, I feel that I should work even harder tomorrow..

Hara-chan, is a spiritual friend^^ Just like how it is now, we will both work hard..!! Starting from now support us too, Hara-chan!
Seungri poses with Hara at Holalisa cafe!

Stay with us for more updates^^

 Source: 饺子石头剪子布X_gs, LSH_CHICHI)//Trans: mspinkmint@tmblr//via Nicori
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