[PHOTOS] Seung-chan's Diary Updates: 'HongKong HongKong KingKong HongKong!' (121209)

| Monday, December 10
  • (121209) Seung-chan's diary: 'HongKong HongKong KingKong HongKong!'

Here is Hongkong !
Already 3rd time for HK in this year. seems Bigbang is so popular here. It was just one day-concert.. but added 2 days so we perform for 3 days. Isn't it awesome? people all around the world come to go shopping in HongKong since there're lots of brands that sell many things here.

Here and there, everyone has paper bags. and they are queueing in front of Chanel and Gucci. I also want to do shopping. but spent money a lot in Vegas and Los Angeles.. I don't want to get my mom mad cuz I'm a good child.. wwwwww famous movie stars attended today's Live ! I'm expecting it, expecting !!!!!

then I will do my best as usual. fighting guys !!
Stay with us for more updates^^

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