[NEWS] Teen actress, Dakota Fanning to meet G-Dragon! (130105)

| Saturday, January 5

Hollywood star, Dakota Fanning called G-Dragon personally and said she wanted to meet up him.

According to G-Dragon's acquaintance, on upcoming 5th, Dakota Fanning comes to Korea. she wants to meet GD for sure during the days she stays in Korea. she introduced herself as a fans of GD saying that she wants to have a meal with him. 

Dakota Fanning and GD will have a meeting at YG entertainment building. there's no details but it may become a major issue.
  • YGE's Official Updates:~
YG ent said that GD is also a fan of Dakota Fanning, but because of conflicting schedule they are going to meet next time. 

YG ent clarified that it was DAKOTA's agent in Korea who called to set a meeting with GD since the actress is a fan. However due to conflicting schedules they'll meet next time. " Hope that clarifies.

Its amazing when Dakota Fanning got a change to meet our leader soon, Stay with us for more updates!^o^

 Source: @naver//Trans by @ShrimpLJY


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