[PHOTOS/TRANS] Seung-chan's Diary Update: "Child >>> Adult" (130120)

| Monday, January 21
  • (130120) Seung-chan's Diary Update: "Child >>> Adult"
Congratulations to everyone who’s turned 20! (translator’s note: in Japan, 20 is the age where you’re socially considered an adult) ^____^ I’m rooting for all of you to be able, in the future, to walk the path that you wish for.
A little while ago, there was the coming-of-age festival in Japan, and as a celebration I was invited to attend a music festival that was broadcasted worldwide! I did a live! (laugh) There were a lot of rock bands, but in the middle of it, like a flower, I did a high-spirited “What can I do”!! I did my best!!

In Korea, as a coming-of-age celebration at the age of 20, we give flowers and celebrate in private. ^^ In the past, when I was promoting Strong Baby, the youngest member Seungri became an adult! So I put a flower on my chest and danced and such! (laughs) 
Brings back memories〜〜Also, I met Golden Bomber, the group that had recently become very popular!!! They have very good personalities! It was amazing! A picture together!!!

Stay with us for more updates^^

 Source: @sayseungri//@partnervi//Trans: whiddlesies@tmblr


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