[VIDEO] Seungri on "Sanma no Karakuri" Show! (130203)

| Sunday, February 3

  • (130118) Seungchan's Diary Update: "With Sanma-san"!
Today !! There was a program which the MC is Akashiya Sanma, whom I like!

The storming atmosphere from this January with Sanma!! My tension is getting high !! I thought last year “I get used to Japanese variety shows more, thanks to Sanma, so I want to be like him making people happy!”

He is so skillful at catching people’s individuality no matter who they are. I think it is amazing and I want to be like that.He made me work well even if I didn’t use scripts specially today. I cried with happiness.

I said to him, “Though I’m a singer, I’d like to make people pleased and laugh, I like it really”. He was busy but he replied “I’m so happy you work on my broadcast! But you should try more!!”.
Maybe he got to know my feeling “I want to make people happy”.

I said to everyone, “Performers, thanks for letting me work in front of you and staffs although I’m not that talented. I will try to work harder to get recognized from Sanma someday!”.

All the people said “V.I ! fighting!” with applause. My heart is burning with Sanma’s cheer !!!

Sakine, Jakiyama, and Hisamodo are also adoring me T.T
Plus, I talked with Sanma personally at the New Year meeting on broadcast. At the New Year meeting !

I should study more and more. I will do whatever people want! SeungChan ! Keep going as usual !!!

Stay with us for more updates^^

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