[PHOTOS] G-Dragon's Twitter/Instagram Updates! (130131)

| Thursday, January 31

  • G-Dragon: "Thank you for giving the music award and album of the year. We will be doing our best. yayyy...."
G-Dragon x Park Bom x Se7en's Twitter Convo
  • @haroobomkun: Today was really aㅠㅠspecial day!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋI was so so surprised!!!ㅋOne foot felt so freeㅋㅋ" I think this will be a special memoryㅋㅋㅋI was shocked but the members were kept fun expressions..ㅋㅋㅋknowing I'd be shocked”
  • @IBGDRGN: @haroobomkun You're pretty good at taking off shoes?””
  • @officialse7en: @haroobomkun You take it off to quickly.. Rated R!!^^”
  • @haroobomkun: Kkkk ㅡㅡ;; (NOTE: It's online expression of laughing as 'kkkk.')
  • *NOTE: Park Bom had problems with her heels, so she took them off and continued performing barefoot.

  • @xxxibgdrgn: "Today #bigbang #서울가요대상 #thombrowne
  • Another photo of GD

Stay with us for more updates!^o^

 Source: @IBGDRGN//@xxxibgdrgn//@haroobomkun + Trans:@kristinekwak
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