[PHOTOS/TRANS] Seungchan's Diary Updates: "With Family"! (130101)

| Tuesday, January 1
  • (130101) Seungri's diary Updates: "With Family!"
I went to the beach to see sunrise after the special program of MBC that was aired in real time yesterday.
gathering together as a family was in a long time. so I was excited ^__^ 

We went to KangWonDo located at the east of Korea! it usually takes about 3 hours but was very jammed yesterday... it took 5 hours to go there. After getting there, father sent a message in which we wrote our wishes into the air ^__^ my dad's wish is that I become a world star. wwwww I may not be able to be a world star even though I surely try to make it hard though www

I also met my sister in a long time. she brought her pet, BebeAn!! my dad sending a message to the sky seemed a young child wwww and mom made Kimbab for us, we ate it!

500000 people came to see sunrise today..
everyone wished seeing sunrise...
2013, what things will happen?
it's like a pleasure^^
took 9 hours to come back home.. so many cars...
thanks my dad and mom for driving for hours!
guys^^ Happy New Year. wait for me!!!

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Such a cute family!!! Stay with us for more updates^^

 Source: @seyseungri//Trans: @ShrimpLJY


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