[PHOTOS] Alive Tour Final in Seoul: BIGBANG Backstage! (130125-27)

| Sunday, February 10
  • [DAY 3] T.O.P with CJ Live Executive Noh Hee Young & Actress Go So Young (130127 Alive ‘The Final’ Concert)

  • [DAY 3] Big Bang poses with Miss Korea 2009 Kim Joo Ri (sans SeungRi) at backstage last night

  • [DAY 3] Seungri & Taeyang poses with fans, Another photo below:~

  • @dollbae14: "Thank you!! One Love Bro♥I enjoyed con in a long time! jumped and sang like crazy~ was happy to see him(YB) rocking the stage~ even if he’s not my dongseng, I would be a fanㅋㅋdone well~ thanks u for good performances!! One Love Bro♥   -Dong Hyeonbae
  • Lee Kyun: “I really enjoyed the concert. By the way, what should I adress him? Youngbae (Taeyang’s real name) dongsang? Sir? I’m not supposed to call him hyung. It’s hard to find a proper appellation because he’s really awesome.” In the photo, Lee and Taeyang strike a friendly pose while the singer looks cute and dandy as always.
  • The actor also added: “Seeing the show, I found him absolutely fantastic. He’s mesmerizing even though he’s young. I wish everything goes well with Hyunbae, Youngbae’s brother as well as Taeyang.”
  • [DAY 1] BIGBANG with Female Kpop group, 'D-Unit'Ms Korea with BigBang (sans Ri) at backstage last night
  • [DAY 1] Director John H. Lee: “With GD, after the concert… (Awesome concert… Definitely recommend…)” 
  • [DAY 1] Director John H. Lee: “With TOP, after the concert… (It’s awesome… Definitely recommend…)”
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