[NEWS] GD&TOP and Epik High featured on XXL Magazine! (130213)

| Wednesday, February 13

GD&T.O.P and Epik High on XXL Magazine’s “15 Korean Rappers You Should Know That Aren’t Psy”

Koreans rap? The rest of the world was mostly oblivious to the fact until the dancing horse of the Far East came and crushed the International airwaves with the stupidly infectious pop tune that’s “Gangnam Style.” But let’s hold off on the gimmicky party steps and satirical lyrics for a moment. By rapping, XXL means spitting bars, punchlines, and vivid stories like Jadakiss (gasp), Big L (double gasp), or even Nas (triple gasp).

You probably thought Koreans only made syrupy K-Pop records, Samsung cell phones (they’re not Japanese), and nuclear weapons (that’s North Korea). But there’s been an established rap scene for nearly 15 years. While it’s not quite yet an industry, whether as a contender in the pop market, or a successful indie genre, in Korea, hip-hop and rap are prevalent and well with artists, stars, and heroes of their very own.

With Psy continuously caking off his viral hit, and a Korean-American R&B/hip-hop trio named Aziatix announcing their recent deal with YMCMB, the time is better than ever to introduce the best rap acts from the Land of the Morning Calm.


Why are two pretty boy K-Pop idols on this list you ask? Quite simple. Because if it wasn’t for acts like these two, Korean rap probably wouldn’t have amassed such international appeal that it’s garnering now. Though the two multifaceted entertainers debuted as members of a quintet known as Big Bang, as G-Dragon admitted with XXL, [they’d] “like to be remembered as a rapper.” K-Pop’s currently full of boy bands with designated rapper as a member, and nine out of ten times they’re modeled after these two. Unfortunately, unlike GD and T.O.P, other acts can’t lock in a collabo with Diplo as their single, or have posse cuts with label mates for good measure.

—-Epik High’s Tablo & Mithra Jin

Despite some setbacks, and diluted pop records, there’s no denying this duo’s exceptional lyricism. When it’s properly focused, the sharpness in their rhymes are overwhelming. Tablo’s somber storytelling, and double entendre, combined with his partner-in-rhyme Mithra Jin’s compact—yet equally—in-depth subject matter, beg for repeated listens. Even though their musical edge has smoothed over to gear for mass appeal, there’s no questioning the two MCs’ gifts as master storytellers.

Others on the list:

  1. Noise MOB (Rhyme-A- & Minos) 
  2. Huckleberry P
  3. Deepflow 
  4. Beenzino 
  5. Swings
  6. Paloalto
  7. Supreme Team (Simon D & E-sens)
  8. Tasha/Yoon Mi Rae
  9. Tiger JK
  10. Verbal Jint
  11. Illionaire Records (The Quiett & Dok2)
  12. Garion (MC Meta & Naachal)
  13. Dynamic Duo (Choiza & Gaeko) 

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 Source: @XXL Magazine
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