[NEWS] Seungri's Diary Update: "The man who has 2 names..." (130209)

| Saturday, February 9
  • (130209) Seung-chan's Diary Update: "The man who has 2 names..."
The man who has 2 names: Today I saw, a member of Smap in a really popular talk show of Korea. He is known in Japan as “chonan kan”.

Chonan kan started his solo activities in japan in 2012 (the year when Korea co-hosted the World Cup with Japan). He took up various roles,like an actor and a MC to be active in different areas of Korea. I still remember it vividly even thougg I was just at the age of 11.

I felt really happy and excited when I was watching this Korea programme in which he guested. Everybody knows the name ‘Chonan kan’ and after being active in Japan for 22 years,he is still recognized as a SMAP member. Seeing his guest appearance in the korea programme, although somehow I felt weird, I was happy,too. When Chonan Kan was doing his solo activities in Korea, he must have encountered some difficulties too. 

Perhaps sometimes he have experienced language problem or he would be not used to the setting of the Korea programmers because they are different from the Japanese ones. He should have felt exhausted because of these too but it is because it was a decision of his, he had never given up on his dream. No matter what he encounters,he still keeps smiling and heading to his goal. We Koreans know all about it.

Before this,I have met him before when we were doing the ‘100km running project’ at Fuji TV. There were lots of fans came to cheer for him.

It seemed that he has also taken part in another Korea programe! I must go to watch. From now on, I will cheer for him from the bottom of my heart too. Chonan kan, please come to Korea again! ^^

[NOTE] He didnt upload any photos. Stay with us for more updates^^

 Source: @餃子石頭剪子布_yoy at weibo//Trans@Ricekwon


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