[NEWS] Seungri's Diary Update: "Recently Seungchan..." (130204)

| Tuesday, February 5
  • (130120) Seung-chan's Diary Update: "Recently Seungchan..."
Since the Alive World Tour ended, I have been wanting to get rid of the fatigue that has accumulated in the body, mind and heart, so I spent a week leisurely. Thinking about nothing, worrying about nothing, even if I get fat I still ate a lot without a care. However, I have been too comfortable. The break is over. I am about to enter into the hardworking mode again^^

From today onward in order to fulfill my promise with everyone, I began Japanese and English classes. Because I do not want to become someone who will only speak without actions, so whatever words that I say I will keep to them!!! After a year’s break (from attending Japanese lessons) during the Japanese class that has begun again, the teacher was shocked at the standard of my Japanese. 

I told my teacher that I wanted to know more about Japanese history and daily life. I wanted to know more about what I wanted to know, and from there be able become someone who is can think about various areas. Not just become someone who can make everybody happy, after much consideration I want to become someone who can move everyone.

My English teacher Ms. Susan was around too, a very happy person! Really very happy! Had a very good impression about her. There was the rule that even if I had words I didn’t know I had to use English to ask about them and then use English to answer, made me very happy wwwwwwwww

Oh yes! Acting classes also began. Thanks to Kindaichi I can now go into acting! In order to attract everyone more, there may be a second piece of work!^^ therefore, I must prepare well! Because, acting during singing is also a very important part! However, the teacher is a super calm person!!! Okay!! Because we just begun, causing the teacher to be angry is still alright, that’s what he said to me! I will be well aware and keep moving forward!
Now in Japan, Daesung is having solo activities like how I was alone in Japan half a year ago. Working hard by yourself is very lonely no matter what, very difficult, this I really understood and experienced. Now to him he needs everyone’s support ^^ So hope to see everyone support Daesung as hard as he is working!! Daesung, fighting!

NOTE: He didnt upload any photos. Stay with us for more updates^^

 Source: @sayseungri//Trans: @shrimpLJY


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