[PHOTO/TRANS] Daesung's Interview on Japanese Magazine "Josei-Jishin" Vol.2! (130212)

| Tuesday, February 12

  • Daesung's Interview on "Josei-Jishin"
Working in Japan is just started. it is the first time to promote alone. honestly, I feel lonely sometimes. I can talk with staffs and take interviews in Japanese. I’m excited btw.

I considered “warmness” the most than others when I chose songs to cover. cuz I like the songs making myself warm. after gathering them, I arranged to highlight the warm parts.

It’s hard to express Japanese feeling by interpreting Japanese and recording since I’m a Korean.

The songs are already loved by ppl. I didn’t want ppl to feel awkward from hearing my ver. but it doesn’t mean that I should sing along the original ver.

I made the songs my colors. I’m expecting ppl to hear such songs that I like most!...

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