[PHOTOS/TRANS] Daesung & Seungri @ Josei Sebun Magazine! (130221)

| Thursday, February 21
[TRANS] Daesung and Seungri @ Josei Sebun Magazine

  • Daesung
Q : What makes you stand the recording till late night?
DS : It was a joy to eat food in Japan. I can’t eat spicy things to care my throat. I go to a japanese restaurant that I like the most here. I just say “the meal I always eat, please” then they cook. and I like the beef ramen in Akasaka, it’s more expensive than others by 200yen ! but it deserves. somehow I pay for all staffs (laugh)

Food is also a culture of Japan, but I wanna experience other things. wanna go skiing and snowboarding in Japan. though I can’t jump over 10cm on the snowboard (tears).

The most impressed country during World Tour is Peru. girl audiences were very unique like they temped us. my eyes are small but the sight is clean ! oh well, there was one that wrapped national flag around her body, from Brazil. 

Couldn’t see well cuz of darkness but she seemed to wear nothing inside the flag… (bashful)

And in Japan, there were many fans who did costume plays. I like it much. I go towards such fans at concert that hold slogans which have my name on it. but that’s not enough yet~~!

I will show myself you’ve never seen so far, from March. maybe nice body?....

  • Seungri
Q : What makes you stand the recording till late night?
After the solo work in Japan, I left the room which I’d stayed in, and started everything from for a long time… My role is revealing myself that I didn’t show in BB’s MVs. 

When take programs. I do gags with SOL and D-LITE first, to make the atmosphere up. because GD doesn’t imitate others well.

TOP is not proficient at Japanese but just by answering questions, he gets “he doesn’t know well, but cute♡” from fans. Like when GD says “it’s hot” in Japanese, fans say “GD said he’s hot~♡”.

I speak in Japanese fluently.. but don’t get such words…. My manager says “it’s mysterious”.

But I like everything. Honestly, before I debuted in Japan, I studied, watching SMAP, EXLE, TVXQ and other seniors’ DVDs.

In 2013, members will work for individual promotions. It’s not my turn yet, so I just wanna support them.
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Source: @seungri_mania & @dsholic //Translated by: shrimpljy@tumblr



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