[VIDEOS] Daesung’s PV for “Singer Ballad” Full Version + BTS! (130208)

| Friday, February 8

Big Bang‘s Daesung‘s 'solo Japanese debut' is approaching, and after the reveal of his tracklist and album covers, the PV for one of the tracks, “Utautai no Ballad“ (Singer Ballad), has been revealed!

As mentioned before, Daesung goes by the alias ‘D-Lite‘ and his debut Japanese solo album ‘D’scover‘ will be released on February 27. Daesung’s Japanese album will be composed of 12 songs in all, including rearrangements of J-Pop music as well as his original solo songs, “Baby Don’t Cry” and “Wings“.

He’ll also be holding his first solo concerts at Kobe’s World Memorial Hall from March 23 to the 24th and the Tokyo Nippon Budokan from March 30 to the 31st.

Check out the Behind the screen of "Utautai no Ballad" below, and check out more details on his album if you missed it 'here'.

[NOTEDaesung D'scover will be released on 2013 February 27th. Stay with us for more updates!^o^

 Source: @ygent_official//BIGBANG@YT


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